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Writer's Block: The Right to Privacy
Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?
Some parts?..Some parts of their lives ARE private. Like when they take baths with their significant others or make eggs for the brats in the morn, and anyway, if they didn't want to be seen, heard, stalked, photographed and loved, they shouldn't have tried out for that film role. Maybe everyone should go all Thomas Pynchon, the man was photographed once or twice during his entire writing career, (whether he is dead, I do not know.) and has led a successfully famous AND private life.
And helllooo? Is there not such a thing as a private rural estate? If you're famous, you're rich, and if you're rich, you can pay for your privacy.

My point is, when people are like, "yeah I want to be a mucisian," they should know what they're getting into with the paparazzi, who, incidently, are a small price to pay for being a star.

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or also... like daft punk, a real photograph of them is not all that common

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