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My first ever post.
Lewd Shrew.
After going through an incredible amount of usernames just to find one that was even available, (how many people are on this goddam thing?) I decided on lewd shrew, and my reasons are here...

1. I am bitter, cynical, and and outspoken.
2. It flows, it came to mind immediately when I thought of things that start with an "L"
3. Aspiring name of band?
4. So bored of my own name. danica/livejournal? yehhhhnoooo

Anyway. I am feeling sort of odd. I have an air of importance about me.
An old friend messaged me on Facebook asking me, "When are you going to come visit?"
And the fact is, when I do, I'm not visiting to see YOU. I am absolutely tired of people thinking that I'm coming to Prince George to see THEM, even if the people in question haven't even been a part of my life for months.
When I visit on weekends, I have ONE full day to see the people that are important in my life, and factually, there are only two that I wish to keep throughout my teenage and adult life. And I am going to spend that day socializing with THEM, not people that I used to be best friends with. People need to accept that things change and people fade in and out.


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