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iTunes cards are like milk.
So, you buy a twenty dollar iTunes card. Who spends this money wisely? Nobody, because iTunes makes everything so goddam tempting, and that "buy" button is so persuasive, I always seem to be clicking it...
You can edit your payment information so that everything is billed to your Visa, but that's awful, isn't it? Like I said, people who buy off iTunes are big spenders, and next thing you know, you've spent one hundred dollars out of YOUR pocket.
I had an idea- what if there were, like, an "Unlimited" iTunes card. Platinum- but on the internet, and only good for movis, music, apps and podcasts. Better than real money imo.
I vote this card should be available in any store that sells iTunes cards now.
Imagine looking up into the corner of your screen and seeing the word "Unlimited" glowing. Buy, buy, buy.